Scenery movie in Japan Alps(North, Central, South Alps) and hometown mountain.
From Japan.
Hokuriku region, Mt. Haku-san

This is a top of Mt. Haku-san(2702m 8865ft).
Movie cannot be foreseen cloudy for a moment and far.
As for Mt. Hakusan, it is known as a rich mountain of the flower, and there are a lot of names of the flower that starts by "Hakusan". The climbing mountain guest visits a lot of active early summers of the flower.
There are splendid accommodations, and the tent place is also comfortable in the mountain. Accommodations are reserved at once.
The flower bloomed the mountain climbing trail sideward, and it became walking in the ridge line to which magnificent scenery stretched though it had traversed from Bessan.
I think that there was goodness in true Mt. Haku-san there.

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