Scenery movie in Japan Alps(North, Central, South Alps) and hometown mountain.
From Japan.
North Alps, Tsurugi-dake

This is Mt. Tsurugi-dake(2999m 9839ft) in North Alps.
Movie sees Hayatsuki ridge. Tateyama is hardly seen.
The person of the taking a picture waiting is terrible.
The chain place of this mountain that is called Kanino-tatebai(Crab's vertical creep) and Kanino-yokobai(Crab's horizontal creep) is famous. A problem here is not to see the step though the chain place in a lot of mountains is safe if carefully beginning.
The foot cannot be put on the place in which it doesn't see it. However, it is understood that there is the step as knowledge. It searches for the step while hanging on the chain. I think that I cannot pass if it doesn't know that.
Because it is a super-famous mountain, it is crowded during the season. The chain place gets congested though the course has divided by climbing and descending. When I think about it, I do not want to visit.

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