Scenery movie in Japan Alps(North, Central, South Alps) and hometown mountain.
From Japan.
South Alps, Mt. Senjouga-dake

This is Mt. Senjouga-dake(3033m 9951ft) in South Alps. It is possible to take a picture by arranging Mt. Fuji of the altitude top of Japan and Mt. Kita-dake in the second place.
It is possible to look about famous innumerable mountains in surroundings. Mt. Aino-dake, Mt. Kaikomaga-take, Mt. Houou-sanzan, South Alps, Central Alps, Mt. Yatsuga-take...
Three kar are here. The surface of a mountain pattern of the ridge to Mt. Shiomi-dake is beautiful.
It is possible to go from kitazawa pass easily. There are a lodge and a water place on the way, too. It is a very popular mountain.

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