Scenery movie in Japan Alps(North, Central, South Alps) and hometown mountain.
From Japan.
North Alps, Mt. Ecchu-zawa-dake

This is Mt. Ecchu-zawa-dake(2591m 8501ft) in North Alps.
I passed from Mt. Yakushi-dake between Tateyama.
It is between Sugo-nokkoshi and Goshikiga-hara.
Mt. Kasaga-dake, Mt. Kurobegoro-dake, Mt. Yakushi-dake, Mt. Tsurugi-dake, Mt. Tateyama, Goshikiga-hara, Mt. Harinoki-dake, Mt. Karasuboushi-dake, Mt. Suisho-dake, Mt. Noguchigoro-dake, Mt. Akaushi-dake and others are seen.
The peak at a good position is suitable for the rest. It can be calm there quietly.

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