Scenery movie in Japan Alps(North, Central, South Alps) and hometown mountain.
From Japan.
North Alps, Karasawa kar
Karasawa kar of North Alps is said that the autumn tint is the most beautiful in Japan.
Gray of rock, yellow of grass, and red of tree. The coloring painting is produced the canvas of the Hotaka mountain range.
A really good autumn tint is said about once in ten. Moreover, the season will pass in one-two weeks.
It began to fade the color to this movie a little.
The last part can see the Karasawa kar and the entire valley in the view from the panorama new road. Moreover, the ear tip of Mt. Yariga-take is seen when often seeing. The autumn tint of Karasawa kar that glitters in the morning sun from this angle can be seen.
There are two lodges and big tent places, and it is comfortable. Will you visit on holiday of autumn?

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